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We're building a new generation of Digital Live Services that serve everybody

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Personal Finances are getting increasingly difficult to manage

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ExpressGroup is here to change that—to work hard for those who work hard

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Because technology only makes the world a better place If we leave no one behind

Our Principles, or how to be express

How we operate

  • Outcome over output
  • Expertise-driven cross-functionality
  • Mercilessly eliminate unnecessary work
  • Plan ahead, build MVPs, iterate quickly. Then allocate resources

How we're built

  • Keep teams & meeting small
  • Talent density is foundational
  • We hire for cognitive ability, but assholes are a no-go
  • BI & automation instead of headcount

How we make decisions

  • Always prioritize user experience
  • Calculate risks (acceptable, expensive, existential). Then mitigate accordingly
  • Measure everything. Intuition drives testing, but data drives decisions

Our mindset

  • Grab ownership and show radical responsibility—no excuses
  • Get real—the truth can be uncomfortable
  • Realistic optimism
  • Absolutely no f*cking politics/gossip
  • Hierarchy is based on expertise, not seniority or titles
  • Deliver operational excellence but avoid perfection
  • Break things down into first principles
  • Be vocal about the problems you are facing
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Our Products

We changED the way PEOPLE GET their tax refundS

We realized that tax payers in Germany are leaving 10 billion euros unclaimed each year—so we decided to do something about it. We radically improved the refund experience to give everyone a fair shot at getting back what they're owed. With some powerful tech, some clever automations, and a little help from our AI features, our app empowers users to do something unheard of in Germany's bureaucracy: filing a tax return in under 5 minutes.

NOW WE'RE improvING their Job SituationS

When we took a look at our data, we realized that a huge amount of people are in a less-than-optimal job situation. People are underpaid, or they have to commute for hours each day. ExpressJobs works to improve a vital part of people's day-to-day: their job.